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“Freddy Noriega has been my #1 go-to editor ever since I met and worked with him. Not only does he edit my own demo reel, I have recruited him for many confidential, high-profile movie and television projects I regularly meet on, for which I have to create pitch & mood reels. My dream is to overcome borders or walls and hire Freddy on my next movie or television project as lead editor.

He is that gifted.”


“I have worked on 15 features, over 200 hours of TV drama, received dozens of awards including Oscar nominations. From experience, it takes somebody really special to stand out as an editor. Freddy is the real thing. I found him dazzlingly fast, a visionary story
teller... and a joy to work with.”


Winner "Pantalla de Cristal " Award 

Best Documentary Editing for

"Misterios del inframundo Nat Geo"

“Freddy pretty much saved my first movie.

I consider him an extension of my self as a director, he’s not just someone who can cut narrative together, he’s someone that makes you fall in love
even harder with your own stories.”

- Carlos Rincones - Director MALAVENTURA /



“Freddy is a jewel in the editing game!

He has a strong sense of story and structure as well as having an impressive musical sensibility, which ends up being key in the editing process.”

- Julio Bracho - Actor/Director DESAFIO

“Freddy is a goddamn wizard. No joke. We’ve used him to cut a sizzle reel pitch doc for our original TV show optioned and shopped by The Weinstein Company—and we plan to put him to work on our feature directorial debut Cactus Jack as soon as we’re in post.


Seriously: this man is gifted. Encyclopedic film knowledge and a knack for nailing tone is instrumental in delivering a dynamic pitch reel, and Freddy has both in spades. Lightning quick turnaround times (had to rework our reel several times to incorporate specific actors as we were attempting to attach a lead, and each iteration was shockingly good— literally no drop off in quality no matter who we asked him to cut the reel to and it was all done lickety-split), unparalleled perfect footage pulls that would never have occurred to us on our own, and an uncanny ability to match disparate audio and video to help tell your cinematic story before it even exists... some of his cuts literally brought tears to our eyes, seeing our concept brought to life so damn well.

In short: if you need a proof of concept trailer, look no further. Freddy is your man. We plan to put this secret weapon to work for years, and as much as we’d like to keep him all to ourselves we owe it to our fellow man to shout it from the rooftops: HIRE THIS FUCKIN GUY! YOU WILL NOT

- Jason & Chris Thornton - Writer/Producers CACTUS JACK / THE REVENGER

“Creative, competent, fast: Freddy Noriega delivers at every level. Easy to work with, his product is exceptional and remarkable in quality and imaginative, dramatic depth. I wholeheartedly recommend him!”

- Michael Frost Beckner, (Writer/Producer/Showrunner - The Beckner Story Company.

“I was in desperate need of a complete overhaul of my reel. I’m not talking about just incorporating new material, but rather employing a whole new approach, style and look.
Freddy Noriega’s name was referred to me. I gave him the project based on rave reviews about him, and having had a terrific phone meeting with him about what he could do to upgrade and show my work in a fresh way. He did not disappoint me. In fact, his handling of my material was masterful. Freddy transformed my work into a powerfully hip and relevant presentation.”


- Alan Caso - Cinematographer THE AMERICANS / HEROES REBORN / AMERICAN

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